Schulich opens campus in Mumbai India–york-opens-mba-school-in-mumbai

India Students applying for an MBA at York University’s Schulich school of business now have two campuses to choose from: One in Toronto — and one in Mumbai, India.

“We are very excited,” says Dezsö Horváth, Schulich’s dean. “This is the first MBA program to be offered in India from a leading international business school.”

Students who earn a Schulich MBA in India will receive their first-year classes at Mumbai’s SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, then transfer to Canada in their second year and graduate from Schulich’s Toronto campus.

“I believe that quite a few students will want to go to India because they will be exposed to a fast-growing economy with a lot of opportunity,” says Horváth. However, the Indian campus will not be able to provide all of the Canadian school’s specialization options.

“We have about 18 to date, which by then will be up to 20. India will only have four or five,” Horváth says. “It will be very attractive to come to Toronto in second year.”

Horváth hopes to build a permanent facility in India within the next three years. “There will be two Schulich campuses, one in Toronto and one in India,” he says, “with the same faculty quality and same student quality, recruiting and placing students all over the world.”


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