Next generation GMAT – Coming star date 2013

This is likely a response to the competition from the GRE exam.

“A Time to Explore and Innovate – The Next Generation

Advancements in technology and measurement are making a significant impact on assessments. At the same time, more specialized master’s programmes and more variations on the traditional MBA are available worldwide. As the business marketplace has changed, so too has graduate management education. All of these factors have inspired GMAC to take an innovative approach to the GMAT exam.

The Next Generation GMAT, slated for completion in 2013, will build on the solid foundation of the current exam, while utilizing advances in testing technology and science to provide better, even more precise measures of skills. It will also offer measures of new skills applicable to both traditional MBA and new business programmes. The development process is rigorous, detailed, and collaborative so that the Next Generation GMAT can provide the right information to help schools admit the best students for their programmes.”

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For another interesting article visit Which MBA.


One Response

  1. The timing on the new GMAT has been accelerated. It will debut on June 4, 2012. This appears to be motivated by an attempt to compete against the competitive challenge posed by the GRE.

    GMAT has introduced a new section called:

    GMAT Integrated Reasoning.

    For further information visit:

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